TSYS: Competitor Analysis Internship - Eleanor Bartley

TSYS - Eleanor BartleyTSYS process a payment 44 million times each day. They make it possible for millions of people to move money between the world's buyers and sellers.

They are a global S&P 500 and Fortune 1000 company with over £2 billion in annual turnover and 9000 employees. TSYS was looking for an intern to develop market intelligence. This comprised of two elements, compiling information on competitors, and putting that information into a cloud based database.

Morgan Beard of TSYS was extremely pleased with Eleanor’s work, he said 'The impact of Eleanor's work on TSYS is profound as it will help us chart our course in a competitive and increasingly commoditised marketplace. The database has the potential to be a primary resource for use in constructing competitive RFPs and sales plans. Eleanor's design and implementation of the program means that for the first time in our 13-plus year history in Europe, the data captured can be pulled into personalised reports relevant to the teams' immediate demands. This minimises individual workloads in collating isolated intelligence, whilst also removing irrelevant information that distracts from key objectives.'

Eleanor said 'This internship was definitely a huge challenge since I had no experience in the industry, but it has pushed me to assess my strengths and weaknesses and motivated me to improve. I’ve been lucky enough to work with colleagues from across Europe and America, develop specific business acumen and learned how to understand complicated financial reports, all whilst being trusted and treated as a true colleague. I never imaged, as an English student, I would ever work in the payments industry, but it is appealing to me now as it is so fast-moving; there is always something new to add to your company’s portfolio or somewhere new to consider expanding to. It’s exciting to have the potential to influence significant changes in the business. Going into my final year, I am pleased that I have completed two internships in significantly different sectors and feel as though I can make an informed decision when it comes to looking for a permanent graduate job.'