25 Jun 2016

Thirsk School Students Graduate from Higher Education Journey

IMG_1076Year 9 pupils from Thirsk School were celebrating their achievements in the Navigate programme, working with the Higher York Network for Collaborate Outreach (HYNCO). Students from the school have taken part in a range of activities since November last year to think about their options for the future.

Students have engaged in a range of different activities including mentoring, asking questions to current students and visits to different higher education provider campuses. These different activities covered all possible aspects of making a decision about higher education.

The event recapped their time with HYNCO and included a prize-giving for the students that ‘designed’ the best degree in one of the activities. Every student that engaged with the programme graduated at the end and received a certificate to commemorate the effort they put into learning about higher education.

Owain Pierce-Williams, Head of Year 9 said, ‘Students have worked hard over the year, and it has helped them with their choices moving forward. It has helped them realise that higher education is an option for everyone.’

Higher York and its partners will continue to work with schools in York, North Yorkshire and parts of East Riding. If your school is interested in activities provided by HYNCO, please visit or telephone 01904 876350