27 May 2016

The Skipton Academy completes its Higher Education journey

On Wednesday 25 May, Year 9 pupils from The Skipton Academy were celebrating their achievements in the Navigate programme, working with the Higher York Network for Collaborate Outreach. Students from the school have taken part in a range of activities throughout the year which have helped them think about options for their future.

Ella, a student at The Skipton Academy said about the experience, "It opened my eyes to the opportunities available to me and the various routes to higher education. I enjoyed learning about the different courses available at the different places."

Prize WinnersThe event, which took place in the school, featured a video showcasing the activities students have taken part in. These have included visits to different colleges and universities around York, attending lectures, seminars and laboratory sessions. The event concluded with a prize-giving for the students who had engaged the most with the programme.

Gaby, a Skipton Academy student, "I was lucky enough to visit the University of York and see the resources which would be available. It was good to speak with student ambassadors and get an insight into what student life is like.’"

Sara Elson, Assistant Principal said, "The whole experience has been fabulous. We have seen the students really have taken something from it, seeing the academic and social sides of university, realising it is something they can do."

"Thanks to such activities as visiting the campuses and speaking to student ambassadors, it has helped them focus on the future and make more informed choices with their options."

Higher York and its partners will continue to work with schools in York, North Yorkshire and parts of East Riding. If your school is interested in activities provided by HYNCO, please visit or telephone 01904 876350

Photo credit - Craven College