Rapita Systems: Benchmarking Internship - Arushi Aneja

Arushi AnejaRapita Systems develops on-target verification solutions for customers in the avionics and automotive electronics industries. Their tools help to reduce the cost of measuring, optimizing and verifying the timing performance and test effectiveness of their critical real-time embedded systems. Their customers include Airbus and BAE systems.

Rapita Systems required an intern to create a demonstration kit for their sales team. The kit would enable the sales team to show potential clients in the aerospace and automotive industries what Rapita products are capable of.

University of York student Arushi Aneja was selected for the internship, and felt her experiences with Rapita complimented her studies in York. Arushi said “No two days in the life of an intern at Rapita were the same, which made the job interesting and challenging. My internship gave my degree new meaning. It showed me widespread applications of computer science and how I could fit into the industry after completing my course. It also showed me how theoretical knowledge translates into practical work in the industry. The experience at Rapita was especially rewarding as it made me more disciplined, focused, and far more confident of entering and succeeding in the job-market.“

Dr. Andrew Coombes from Rapita spoke highly of Arushi’s work, “We gave Arushi a very challenging task. She did an excellent job of rising to the challenge of completing the task. The nature of the project meant that new requirements emerged as the project progressed. Arushi also identified bugs with the product software, which affected the demonstration. She handled these things very well, continuing to meet the milestones we set for the project. We've found Arushi's work to be extremely helpful - she has taken our product and used it to create an out-of-the box demonstration which can be used by all of our sales team. It has already been successfully used with customers in Korea and the United States.”