Proof of Concept Funding Helps Further Prototype Design

Theremin BollardsDavid Young, founder of Theremin Bollards, formed his company in 2010. Dedicated to the development of an interactive sound sculpture accessible to all, David designed the Digital Earth Theremin Bollard.

A fantastically innovative experience for improvisational performance and designed for multiple creative uses, these amazingly inspiring instruments produce a rich tapestry of expressive sounds in public spaces.

David took part in the Proof of Concept programme at York St John University. Part-financed by the European Union, this funding allows students and graduates the chance to establish their idea's commercial potential: to research, develop, test or advance your business idea.

David says that the “funding helped further advancement of the design prototype,” giving him “confidence in the product” and “confidence in [himself] as a creative.” As a result of this funding and the support received from YSJU, he was able to present an installation at the Beacons Festival. In addition, David has been approached by numerous dance troupes, disability programmes, musical festivals and corporate businesses keen to worth further with him. York St John University has also asked David to use his design as an interactive advertising tool at UCAS events.

David states: “Proof of concept helped me realise this project and helped me to disseminate my work to a wider audience.”