21 Mar 2016

Ofsted praise ‘Outstanding’ Apprenticeships

The recent Ofsted inspection of Craven College highlighted the good quality of provision provided in apprenticeships and for students with high needs. The College’s apprenticeship provision is “outstanding”.

apps_team__full-page-singleThe report highlighted the College’s strong and effective commitment to community and employer engagement and meeting local economic and educational needs.

The College needs to make more rapid improvements in its provision for students attending  vocational courses and those students continuing to study English and maths, to secure improvements in success rates.

Over 90% of apprentices achieve sustained employment, with many having additional responsibilities or achieving promotion and some moving on to higher qualifications. A very high proportion of students who complete vocational programmes also move onto positive destinations such as higher education or employment.

The College is committed to quality improvement and has over the last year put in place a significant number of changes and initiatives to increase success rates for vocational courses to the same high standard as for apprenticeships, high needs and the College’s Higher Education provision.

These initiatives will be developed further, particularly in relation to monitoring the progress of  vocational students to support effective interventions to improve performance. The College needs to ensure that the excellent vocational expertise and commitment of staff improves the learning outcomes for all its students.

The good financial position of the College and its excellent teaching accommodation and resources provide a good platform to ensure improvements can be rapidly achieved.