Miller Construction

Caleb WoodingCurrently studying a Masters of Research in Social Policy at the University of York, Caleb Wooding was a part-time intern with Miller Construction at the new student accommodation site for York St John University.

Caleb's internship was facilitated through the University of York's Student Internship Bureau, which links undergraduate and postgraduate students across the city with a range of organisations looking to engage the skills of its students on a part or full-time basis.

Caleb's role was to assist with the assessment of the construction site's environmental impact through the British Research Establishment of Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). His tasks included collecting and analysing data and evidence which often meant liasing with a wide range of people on and off-site including subcontractors and external consultants. He wrote a report on his findings and presented it to the Miller Construction Board.

Caleb commented; "the role was very varied and sometimes it was quite a lot of fun and other times it was formuliac, but there were always interesting challenges; construction sites are busy places so you are constantly working around that."

Adrian Kelly from Miller Construction approached Higher York to source a suitable student candidate for the intern vacancy. In reflecting back on the experience of the recruitment process, Adrian reveals that it was done with such ease, much to his relief and surprise.

"It was easy, it was very easy and a lot easier that I thought it was going to be." Higher York worked with Miller to develop the project brief, with the Student Internship Bureau then advertising the opportunity across the campus and providing Miller with a shortlist of suitable candidates to interview.

For Adrian, finding the right person was important. They had to have an interest in construction and the project subject matter. Caleb quickly became a valued member of the team and as a result has been a great asset on the Miller site.

For Caleb, he has gained a valuable insight into the construction industry and from his own interest of Urban Theory it has been interesting for him to see the relationship between individual building and the broader environment. The internship has also illustrated the diversity of jobs in the construction sector. Over the course of the internship Caleb has developed many ideas about different methods of construction and hopes one day to put these into practice.