Keiron Smith

Keiron SmithKieron Smith studied on the Animal Management course at Askham Bryan from 2013 and has since completed his degree and gained a lecturing position at Askham Bryan.

“Challenging. Different. Fulfilling.” when asked, these are the three words that Kieron said described his experience on the Animal Management course. Having studying there for three years he had a range of great experiences that he had never had before, “I really enjoyed all the handling in the first year as I came from such an academic background, I had never handled such exotic animals before.”

With his course set-up being 3 days of lectures and 1 day work experience, Kieron felt that he had time to enjoy living in the centre of York to enjoy the city. He stated that his days are busy and usually “consists of a vast amount of revision and coursework with some hectic periods – but then I reward myself with a night out!” As a student city, he remarked that is was “Brilliant! The city is so pleasant and has everything a student could want; excellent shopping and fantastic night life. I always feel very safe and content in York: it feels like home.”

The work experience that Kieron was able to do was at Flamingo Land, a local theme park and zoo. This is a partnership that Askham Bryan have had for number of years and is something that many students can benefit from. “In the first year I gained work experience from Flamingo Land zoo, I got to work with a range of animals from giraffe, rhinos and lemurs. I got to experience a standard day for a zoo keeper, the problems that could occur and how to manage them.” Following this Kieron had also gained the opportunity to work in a large laboratory organisation handling pharmaceuticals.

Speaking specifically about his first year of study as an undergraduate he remarked, “I gained some brilliant handling and husbandry skills from a range of different animals. I had some amazing experiences from my work experiences and the course was not too challenging which was good as it helped all students gain the required knowledge for the rest of the degree no matter what their background.”

Following his degree Kieron managed to secure himself a lecturing position at Askham Bryan College for the Animal Management course and now teaches others what he has learnt during his degree and external work experiences.

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