York Cocoa House: Development and Marketing Internship - Calvin Luk

CalvinYork Cocoa House, a small independent business in York city centre, set up in November 2011 by one of the University of York’s own alumna, Sophie Jewett, engaged two student interns over the summer vacation to support development work within the café and workshop.

Calvin Luk, a final year Archaeology student, conducted research looking at potential global markets that the Cocoa House could consider expansion into. Calvin used his language  skills to focus his research on Chinese visitors to, and international students based within, York as he explored emerging tourism markets in line with the city of York’s own tourism strategy and future trends.

 Calvin’s cultural knowledge of Asian markets was crucial to the success of his research. Sophie has been impressed by the insight gained from his work, noting: 'Calvin came to us as an enthusiastic intern who has been passionate in sharing his knowledge and perspective with us to support and grow our business. This additional knowledge, understanding and motivation has enabled Calvin to make a real impact very quickly and allowed us to further understand the greater potential opportunities for our future plans.'

 This internship was supported by a generous gift by Santander.