Tissue Regenix: Medical Technology Innovation Internship - Tsvetelina Tsekova

Tissue Regenix is a pioneering, international medical technology company, leading the development of regenerative products to make replacement body parts using biological (human & animal) materialsregenix

Tsvetelina spent her summer vacation learning about Tissue Regenix’s groundbreaking decellularisation technology – an amazing breakthrough in medical science that will be used in wound care, heart valve replacement and knee repair.  

 Tsvetelina was responsible for developing packaging for decellularised biological tissues. This crucial task made a real impact on the business and Tsvetelina got first-hand industrial experience, having just completed her sandwich placement year at the University of Sheffield Medical School which nurtured an interest in medicine and medical science.

Tsvetelina thoroughly enjoyed her time at Tissue Regenix, saying that 'being involved in the development of medical devices that improve the quality of life of people with sports- or age-related injuries has been a rewarding way to spend my summer and gain valuable research experience in the health care industry.'