Animalcare: E-Marketing Internship - Sally Hoolin

Animalcare Ltd, is a sales and marketing company providing products and services to veterinary professionals in the UK. They sell licensed pharmaceuticals, microchips and animal welfare products (hygiene, surgery, trauma management) and have been based in the York area for over 30 years. Sally

Animalcare wanted an intern to redesign their website to make it easier for customers to find the information they wanted. Sally was able to do this, designing a website that customers can engage with easily, find useful up-to-date information, and share with colleagues. Sally also helped develop Animalcare’s social media activity, and wrote press releases following events.

Managing Director, Iain Menneer said: 'Sally's project will have a very positive effect on the business. Previously we had been getting complaints from customers that they cannot find general information about the products we sell. In addition to this, the sales team have been saying that the website was old fashioned and uninformative. The website did not reflect the quality of the products that Animalcare sells, nor the professionalism of the company. Since Sally completed the website development work, we have had compliments from customers and our sales team, and visits to the site and registrations with us have increased.'

Sally said: 'completing the internship at this stage in my academic career has been extremely beneficial. I have developed real skills, experience and evidence of what I can produce. I have also learnt to believe in myself; the task of designing the website seemed overwhelming at first but I learnt I am capable. I now have the experience and a clear idea that I want to pursue marketing. I chose my degree out of passion for the subject, now I can choose my career path for the same reason.Sally was a runner up in the Student Internship Bureau’s ‘Intern of the year’ competition.