Gabrielle Flockton, York St John University student

Gabrielle Flockton 2Gabrielle is an English Language and Linguistics student at York St John University. Originally from Scarborough, she travelled across the country researching the right university and course before deciding on York St John.

“I chose the course because I want to be a speech therapist. My mum has been deaf from birth and has a cochlea implant, and so my sister and I were able to help her. I knew it was what I wanted to do... I chose York St John because it was one of the few Universities I could find that have BSL levels 1-3 as an extracurricular activity. A big factor was how friendly and approachable all the staff and students were on my Open Day and Visit Day; I think that the community feel appealed to me. Finally York is a beautiful City and that definitely sealed the deal for me, so to speak. I was happy that everything would be in walking distance; from beautiful architecture to modern shops.”

Alongside her course, Gabrielle has had the opportunity to get involved in many other aspects of university life. She has started learning British Sign Language, become a student ambassador, and made lots of new friends.

Gabrielle was worried about how she would manage her finances while at university, but has found that she is comfortable managing her money. She has taken advice from friends about how to budget effectively, and has access to continuing support on campus. One of the messages she has tried to get across when working as a student ambassador is that due to the student financial support packages available, “university really is affordable!”

On working as a Student Ambassador, Gabrielle said that is “…a job I thoroughly enjoy. I work on Open Days with prospective students with a brilliant team and help prospective students, as Ambassadors helped me on my Open Day. I also love doing Primary and Secondary School days as an Ambassador as I think it is brilliant that our University is encouraging school children to think about University.”

There is plenty of part-time work available in York, so Gabrielle has been able to work as a part-time cleaner as well as a Student Ambassador whilst studying, giving her a bit of money to spend on going out.

Gabrielle is coming to the end of her first year, and will shortly be moving into a shared house close to campus with friends she’s made on her course. Although she still visits home, she said “I’m never homesick. There’s so much I want to do here, I don’t have chance to be!”

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